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Amber Francis

Hi Girl! I'm Amber, a nature enthusiast with a love for animals, matcha, everything aesthetic, photography and a huge passion for exploring pretty places.

My journey began during my internship in Australia, where I realized that a conventional office job wasn't my calling. I studied landscape architecture at the time and I wanted to finish this education, but I knew I didn't want to do this work. That's when I dove into social media, marketing, and photography. I did all kinds of courses and spent a lot of my evenings at home, learning new stuff.

In 2022, I quit my job, sold everything back home and bought a one way ticket to Bali. Initially I focused on social media management, branding, and marketing for businesses. However, I discovered my true passion lies in inspiring others. The more I received DM's about my work and lifestyle, the more I realized I loved to empowering other girls with the right mindset and tools for content creation & working online.

Alongside running my photography business, Aura Frames, where I capture the beauty of other women in portrait and lifestyle photos, I create captivating content for lifestyle and fashion brands using both aesthetic user-generated content and high-resolution images captured with my camera. Collaborating with Airbnbs also fuels my creativity and passion for storytelling through visuals, especially during my travels.

Join me on this journey and I can't wait to hear your story. Make sure to follow my socials, where I show insights about my lifestyle and tips and tricks for getting started on content creation!

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