How I started traveling & working online

How I started traveling & working online

My first blog, that means time for an introduction! You might have caught a glimpse on the 'About' page, but here's the full scoop on who I am & what I do. The blogs I will write will be a combination of travel tips (yes I will share all the beautiful locations I’ve been to!), lifestyle and mindset info that helped me in my journey.

So…I’m Amber, on socials Amber Francis (as Francis is my second name!) and I’m a late nineties girl. I grew up in The Netherlands, near the border of Germany. I’ve lived in a small town my whole life and I still love that place. It’s quiet and surrounded by beautiful nature. On the other hand it’s only 15 minutes by car from the city Nijmegen. Again, beautiful :)

Animals have been my companions since childhood – dogs, chickens, horses, and cats, along with a fair share of wildlife like deer and foxes. This early exposure instilled a profound love for animals in me. My days were often spent with our horses, a passion I shared with my parents and two sisters.

I’ve always been outside exploring and I knew that there was a lot more to explore. In the third year, I choose to go to Australia for an internship. I did this with my best friend from school and we had of course The. Best. Time.

This turned out to be a pivotal moment, exposing me to new people, language challenges, and the thrill of being far away from home. Working at a landscape architecture firm in Newcastle, followed by a four-week road trip along the East Coast, solidified my newfound perspective. The experience was a big eye-opener, urging me to seek more beyond the confines of my comfort zone.

Returning home, I finished my degree but realized the traditional office life in that field wasn't my calling. The pandemic hit just as I completed my studies, making job applications not the easiest task. I spent a lot of evenings learning more about marketing and design to make the best of the lockdown time & to develop my skills. I started at a marketing agency and worked there for a year, and that led to a transition to a major charity for assistance dogs, where I honed my skills as a designer, social media marketer, and photographer. While the work was fulfilling and I had a lot of fun, the office environment left me yearning for something more.

Just when I started working at the charity, I met my boyfriend Yannick. After a few months he moved to Bali, Indonesia. I knew I had to go too, to see if our relationship could work out & to explore if working online was the thing for me. So I worked online and had vacation for 6 weeks in total. And not much later, in October '22, I took the plunge and informed my workplace about my decision to move to Bali as well. Completing my contracted months, I've been fully self-employed since February '23. It's not always a smooth ride, but the freedom to work from anywhere outweighs the challenges.

As I write this, I've been home for two months, spent another two in Barcelona, and currently find myself exploring the beautiful Cape Town.

My work is a fusion of social media management and design for various companies, alongside crafting compelling content for hotels and brands. Beyond this work, I invest time in showcasing my journey on Instagram and TikTok. My goal is not only to provide a glimpse into my daily activities but also to inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and explore. It brought me so much, and I hope it will do the same for you!

If you’re curious about more, here are 4 fun facts about me:

  • I've been a vegetarian my entire life
  • My dad taught me how to ride horses. I have my own Welsh pony, Fresco, from whom I've learned the art of falling off a horse – numerous times.
  • Patience isn't my strong suit. If an idea pops into my mind, I have to act on it immediately.
  • Notion has become my addiction. While I love spontaneous trips, I equally enjoy planning my life with Notion, ensuring I catch all the highlights in new places and make the most of my day.

If there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask! Perhaps I'll dive into it in another blog post. Don't forget to say hi on socials!