Must have apps as a content creator

Must have apps as a content creator

As a content creator, I rely on a variety of apps and programs to bring my vision to life. In this blog, I'll take you behind the scenes and share the tools that power my creative process - most of them are 100% free to use!

Canva: Unleashing Creativity with Online Design

First up, Canva. This powerhouse of a platform is since a while my go-to for designing online graphics, including eye-catching ebooks for example. With Canva's intuitive interface and vast library of templates, creating stunning visuals is super easy.

Lightroom: Transforming Photos with Presets

Next on the list is Lightroom. This editing tool is my secret weapon for enhancing photos. I've even crafted my own presets, which you can check out here. Whether it's adding a touch of magic or fine-tuning details, Lightroom helps me achieve the perfect look for my images. And the app on your phone is free!

Notion: Keeping Creativity Organized

Organization is key, and Notion is my trusty companion for keeping everything in order. From brainstorming sessions to planning shoots and scheduling content for Instagram and TikTok, Notion streamlines my workflow and ensures nothing falls through the cracks. This app is also free, and easy to use on your laptop and phone.

Adobe Photoshop: Fine-Tuning Visuals with Precision

When it comes to perfect edits for my clients, Adobe Photoshop is my go-to. I use it to remove imperfections or make subtle adjustments to photos, especially for brand collaborations or Airbnb shoots where every detail matters.

Lens Buddy: Perfect for Self-Photography

Want to capture the perfect shot solo? Lens Buddy is my go-to tool. It makes self-photography a breeze with its interval shooting feature, allowing me to create stunning images with ease. I use this tripod to capture the content.

InPreview: Crafting a Cohesive Instagram Feed

Crafting a cohesive Instagram feed is essential, and the free app InPreview helps me visualize how everything will look before I hit post. It's a game-changer for maintaining a consistent aesthetic and ensuring my feed tells a compelling story.

CapCut: Mastering Video Editing for Reels and TikToks

Last but not least, CapCut. This versatile video editing tool is the app I use daily for creating captivating Reels and TikToks.

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